What Star Wars Isnt About

If you expect to be treated well, and if you think you are a good role player, NEVER do the following:

  • Nudity and sex - As a role player, no matter where, how, and why, you should at least try to involve as little as possible of these things. That means, in other words, that your character(s) cannot walk around naked, if you are a male, you should cover your lower body, and if you are a female, you should cover your lower body and top. Having sex in role play should not be shown explicitly, so if you plan on really having a baby, or just having "fun" with another character, you can say that you did and even, to some extent, what you did, but DON'T DO IT IN THE SIM, no matter how many people are there, and whether they see you or not.
  • Bad RP - That means that you treat Second life as if is your first and only life, this means:
    • You don't know the people you meet, even if you met them outside the star wars sim, in other words, unless they told you in a RP way their name, and you did meet and speak, as characters, you can't say, for example: "Hello Icecream Mills".
    • No God RP, means, you can't force anyone to do as you please, your character isn't immortal, and can die! moreover, you can't say that you always succeed at everything you do. For example, there is no: "/me pickpockets your whole money", or "/me makes you blind", and definetly not "/me rapes *enter name here*".
    • No 1337 7@|k ("Leet Talk"), which means, SPEAK NORMALLY, when you say "You" don't say "U" cause it's easier, it looks stupid and noobish, and no one likes it.
    • No OOC terms, which means, if you have a question or something to say outside your character, write it like this: ((I can't make my FCRS work, how can I fix it?))italic text Or, ((I will be right back, I have to take my dog for a walk)) Or, ((Did you see the new movie with Bruce Lee? W00t!)). That rule also means that your character won't use OOC weapons or tools, Imagine Obi Wan driving a Porche, or firing an AK-47, that's NOT OK!
    • Definetly NO SPEAKING IN OTHER LANGUAGE THAN ENGLISH- If you want to speak french, japanese, dutch, whatever, You got IM, In star wars Common is English, all the other languages are alien.
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