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If such a Gand achieves something notable, he can use his family's surname, but will still use the third person. A second, more impressive feat allows the heroic Gand to choose a first name for himself. Only the best-known Gands are allowed to use the first person, and then only after their aptitude has been audited by a jury, in what is called a janwuine-jika, after which they are declared janwuine. However, should a Gand be ashamed of his deeds, he would "reduce" his name when talking about himself.

Many Gands choose a strange profession, the Findsman. A Findsman is a shaman as well as a police officer. The Findsman will interpret the shapes of gases and make prophecies, usually about fugitives. Then, the Findsman in person will track the fugitive to bring him to justice. During the reign of the Empire, some Findsmen became bounty hunters.

One of the best-known Gands is Zuckuss, who was a bounty hunter employed by Darth Vader to hunt down Han Solo, and was at one time the assistant to the trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk.

Another well known Gand is Ooryl Qrygg, a pilot in Rogue Squadron, and a very good friend of the Jedi Corran Horn. Ooryl did not have lungs and therefore did not need a mask for normal oxygen environments. He became so honored among Gands that he was given the honor of referring to himself in the first person. It is apparent, based on Corran's observations, that if Ooryl was troubled or distressed he would speak in third person until the problem was solved.


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