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In the late years of the deportation, a small group of Evocii stole a Hutt starship and managed to escape the system. Not particularly adept with space travel the small band of Evocii crash landed on a heavily forested planet several days later. These few established a hidden community on their new homeworld, which flourished through many millennia, protected by the giant trees surrounding it. They called their home Gros'avinath, or "Big Tree."

Though it took almost twenty-five thousand years, the quiet Evocii village began to dwindle despite the life abounding in the lush forest. Most believed their term of existence was drawing to a close and that the absence of the sacred rock had finally begun to manifest. One among these believers was the spiritual guide Gothar Marath. He had long been a student of the forces of nature as well as the history of his people. Many of his brethren revered him and the supernatural powers he possessed.

There was little debate that Gothar should leave his home when the opportunity arose. Several of the village hunters returned from their night patrol in the forest with a group of strangers. Among them were Abu-Tai and Uri-Kai, two Jedi Knights, Arem-Ta, a rough-hewn freighter pilot, and Meela'lin, a blue-skinned Twi'lek. It was in this company that Gothar was able to leave the planet and seek out the Uransien, hoping to save his people.


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