Species Elom


Native to the planet Elom, members of this species are short and stocky, and are covered with thick, oily hair. They have two tusks covering the opening of their mouth, and have two small eyes set on a pair of stalks protruding from either side of their head. In addition, the Elom are herbivores.

Eloms originally developed on the surface of the planet Elom, but were forced to move underground when water became scarce. Since then, they have remained isolated from the rest of the galaxy, with many Eloms continuing to retreat further underground where living there.

There is another intelligent species on the planet, the Elomin. Both species were divided and each thought the other one was extinct. When the Elomin re-discovered Eloms, they tried to make the Republic believe that Eloms were only unintelligent animals, but the truth was discovered and Eloms were granted rights. However, Eloms seem not to be interested in politics and still live in burrows.

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