Species Echani


The Echani is a mysterious species of well taught fighters. The Echani possess natural martial art skills and wear light armour in battle, although they prefer to wear very little when training in order to avoid restricting their movements. The Echani maidens were often used to hunt down rogue Jedi and subdue them for the Order. Human in appearance, they often have silver hair and closely resemble their parents, and therefore their siblings. As long as they have the same parents, Echani siblings are identical in appearance.

During the re-construction of Telos, a group of five Echani handmaiden sisters resided with the Jedi Master Atris at her academy under the polar ice cap. These Echani were trained by Atris to construct barriers in their minds in order to resist force-based powers.

It is known that the Echani held a traditional rivalry with the Mandalorians, whom they viewed as bloodthirsty beasts and savages.

A version of the Echani style of unarmed combat was taught to members of Palpatine's Imperial Guard and Sith guards. This style has been adapted to be more brutal and efficient and less flashy.

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