Species Chiss


The Chiss are a near-human race, with the only notable differences being that they are blue skinned and have red, glowing eyes. The Chiss are from the planet Csilla located in the area previously known as the Unknown Regions.

The Chiss are known (by the few that know of them) for their advanced navy and tactical skills. One of the most famous Chiss was Grand Admiral Thrawn, possibly the most brilliant strategist of the galaxy, according to numerous in-universe comments. Thrawn, however, was disowned by the Chiss Consortium because of forbidden tactics he employed in battle.

The Chiss have developed many unique technologies, such as their hyperdrive analog. The analog works by allowing a ship to jump to a pre-established point in Chiss space. However, to jump outside of their own territories, a flagship with a beacon onboard must accompany a ship or fleet, enabling the Consortium to keep track of their vessels.

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