Species Chazrach


The Chazrach are a short, stocky, reptilian humanoid species with snubbed snouts that served the Yuuzhan Vong as slave soldiers. They are also called "reptoids" by the people in the New Republic. The Chazrach are one of the few species other than the Yuuzhan Vong that are not native to the galaxy. They were formerly a free people, but were enslaved during the Yuuzhan Vong's plundering of their own galaxy.

For thousands of years, the Chazrach served the Yuuzhan Vong as expendable support troops to overwhelm enemy forces. Bred in large numbers, the Chazrach had coral seeds implanted into them to ensure obedience. A pair of dome-like calcifications protruded from the forehead of each Chazrach, a sign of the coral implants that control the drones. When these calcifications were removed the Chazrach regained limited levels of their intelligence and could be valuable sources of information.

Any form of intelligence and initiative that was possessed by the base species vanished over the generations of genetic tampering by the Yuuzhan Vong shapers. This flaw, combined with their small, stocky statures made them incapable of mastering the use of the standard amphistaff used by the Yuuzhan Vong warriors as a whip. The reptoids instead use the inflexible Coufee since the double-edged knife is much more suited to their body form. A few Chazrach served the Yuuzhan Vong so well over the generations that they were permitted to join the warrior caste at its most basic levels.

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