Species Bothan


Bothans hail from the industrial Mid Rim planet of Bothawui, though they also populate various colony worlds like Kothlis and Torolis. Most Bothans stand about five to six feet tall. They have tapered pointed ears, and very few from both sexes have beards.

Bothans are manipulative, crafty, suspicious, curious by nature, loyal brave, and very smart. They developed their technology to travel among the stars millennia ago and are longstanding members of the galactic civilization. To the Bothans, information is the galaxy's most valuable currency, as well as its most potent weapon. As a culture, they believe the direct confrontation with foes-whether economic, political, or martial-is pointless. In an open conflict, the object or possession both sides desire is often damaged or destroyed. This attitude has made espionage a natural line of work for Bothans. Information and spies are their greatest exports. The famed Bothan spynet is the largest independent intelligence-gathering organization the galaxy has ever known.

Beings of power everywhere find Bothans irritating because they have a tendency to use every bit of information they can to acquire leverage or money. However, no one wants to be the only person without access to the spynet, so everyone continues to deal with the Bothans.

The Bothan Borsk Fey'lya was elected Chief of State of the New Republic in the year 23 ABY, he stayed in office until he was killed in the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of Coruscant in 27 ABY.

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