Species Barabel


The Barabel are a reptilian species that appears human, save for the scales covering their bodies and a long tail. They are extremely strong and have long pointed teeth. They are one of the most feared species in the galaxy. They will eat almost any kind of meat providing it is or was recently alive. They take great thrill in hunting for their food. However, they show an immense amount of respect for the Jedi, and seem to value their wisdom above all else. This is due to the fact that in their distant history, a wandering Jedi had settled a bloody dispute between two major clans over prime hunting grounds.

A trio of Barabels accompanied the Jedi Anakin Solo and a handful of other young Jedi, on a mission to destroy the "Queen" voxyn on a Yuuzhan Vong world ship during the Yuuzhan Vong conlict. Two of the Barabel on the mission perished, as did Anakin Solo.

Two of the most famous Barabels are Saba Sebatyne and her son Tesar Sebatyne.

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