Species Arcona


A strange species, Arcona are reptiles without scales, but have a humanoid body. They have flat, anvil-shaped heads, with clear, marble-like eyes, and skin tone that ranges from mahogany to ebony. The native planet of the Arcona, Cona, is always hot, and has very little water. The atmosphere is filled with ammonia vapor. The Arcona's weaknesses have been exploited in the past; off-worlders used to trade water for mineral rights, but discovered their easy addiction to salt. Traders then imported large amounts of the mineral before communities outlawed the dealings. When the species has become addicted to salt, their eyes turn from green to gold. To survive an Arconan must periodically consume a substance known as dactyl. Salt increases an Arconan's need for this substance by a hundredfold. A well known Arcona was the Jedi Knight Izal Waz.

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