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Ruusan is the site of seven battles between the Sith's Brotherhood of Darkness and the Jedi's Army of Light. During the last battle of Ruusan (1,000 BBY) between the Jedi under Lord Hoth, and the Sith under Lord Kaan, much of the planet's surface, including several cities, were destroyed.

After the battle had ended, a Jedi Knight named Johun Othone constructed a grand memorial to the one-hundred fallen warriors called The Valley of the Jedi, located on the former location of Olmondo.

Despite this, the world was quickly forgotten, as the Galactic Republic turned inward. Isolation and crossbreeding amongst the inhabitants produced a near-Human population that became known as Ruusanians. Shifting nebulae within the stellar nursery of the Teraab soon erased hyperspace routes to Ruusan, leaving it inaccessible from the galaxy at large. By the time of the Galactic Empire's reign, Ruusan was mostly forgotten.



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