Ruusan.jpgRuusan is a planet in the Mid Rim most famous for the Ruusan campaign, the last stand of the Brotherhood of Darkness under Lord Kaan. The planet lends its name to the Ruusan Reformations enacted after the battle.


  • Region: Mid rim
  • Sector: Teraab Sector
  • System: Hoth's Brand System
  • Suns: 2 (Hoth's Brand, Petja)
  • Satellites: 3 (Three Sisters)
  • Rotation period: 23 hours
  • Orbital period: 321 days


  • Class: Terrestrial
  • Diameter: 21000 km
  • Athmosphere: Oxygen nitrogen
  • Climate: Varied
  • Gravity: 9.8 m/s2
  • Primary terrain: Desert, Canyons, Caves, Rivers, Lakes, formerly forest


  • Native species: Bouncers, Ruusanians
  • Immigrated species: Humans, other
  • Official language: Galactic basic
  • Government: Jedi council of NOJ
  • Population: 30000, 60% bouncer. 25% Ruusanians, 10% humans, 5% other
  • Major cities: Olmondo (capital), Fort Nowhere
  • Major imports: Technology, foodstuffs
  • Major exports: Ore

When originally settled by the Mining Guild as part of a wave of expansion in the Teraab Sector, Ruusan was a temperate, pleasant world, inhabited by Ruusanians, Humans, and a strange sentient species known as Bouncers. Warfare has devastated much of the surface, leaving scars of desert and barren wasteland.

Ruusan has three moons, referred to by locals as the "Three Sisters." Smugglers claim that at least one of the moons has ruins of an ancient civilization.


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