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Win or Lose (Page 9)

The man cried, he did not know if he used his mouth or not "Stop this!". The girl was completely engulfed by the surging power of the dark side, she spoke to the woman "I crave power to bring justice to those who murdered my family, took away my childhood! The Jedi are weak, passive. They know not how to give this to me!" The woman, obviously very pleased said: "Splendid, do you have a saber?" and when she responded "No, my Master", the woman produced a sabre hilt from a pocket in her clothing. "Please!" his cry was desperate, "You do not know what you are doing!". For the first time, she appeared to notice him, "I know perfectly what I am doing! I have thought hard on this and I know my path and where it leads". The woman handed the weapon to the girl and simply said: "Kill him with this, foolish meddling Jedi". As he cried "No!", she continued "Already he fears your new power"…

The snap-hiss and the strike was simultaneous, only his Jedi reflexes allowed him to jump back from the killing blow of the sabre. Even so, the slash burnt through is shirt and graced his skin. An excruciating pain rippled through his body as he quickly stepped backwards to evade the following strike. A second snap-hiss and for the first time in his life, the Jedi raised his sabre in a defensive pose, an attempt to save that very life. The girl charged furiously, but he tried to keep the distance. He did not strike back, some strikes from her sabre came close, as guided, to some extent by the raging dark side forces within her, but even more so by the mind of the woman standing, calmly where she had remained since the man arrived. The Jedi managed to block most of the slashes and circled in his defensive posture. Then the young, untrained girl made an unexpected move and got through his defenses - a strike to his right shoulder sent a new wave of rippling pain through him and he almost lost the grip on his sabre.



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