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Win or Lose (Page 8)

He closed his eyes, tried to reach out to the Force, but all he could see was his own failure. He started to run but he could not see any of them anywhere. He tried to go to the lecture hall, maybe the presence of the Jedi gathered for story-time would clear the haze in the Force. He sat down on a bench close to the exit and closed his eyes. There - a tiny point of sharp anger. He scrambled to his feet and rushed out. The dark temple. Of course. At the entrance, he hesitated, he looked back and saw the young knight in the corner of his eye. He ran to her: "Excuse me, but is it wise to leave those two in there"? It is unclear if the despair he felt showed, in the Force or otherwise. "Who two, where"? "The young girl and the one chasing her, the one I failed miserably to stop". She asked calmly, "Where are they"? He turned towards the temple, "Inside that …temple, if my senses are correct". Her voice abrubtly chaged: "Oh my, go try and help her. I will be there shortly". Without a word, he ran towards the entrance and climbed the stairs to the top floor just in time for his blood to freeze:

Woman: I am the destroyer of worlds
Girl: I am the destroyer of worlds
Woman: I know the power of the dark side
Girl: I know the power of the dark side
Woman: I pledge myself to the darkness
Girl: I am the fire of hate
Girl: I pledge myself to the darkness

He felt, saw and heard the surge of raw, uncontrolled, power fusing inside the young girl, raging wildly through her entire being. She probably didn't notice that he arrived, but the woman glanced at him and smiled. Then turned back to her new apprentice: "Very good. Rise my young apprentice".



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