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Win or Lose (Page 7)

"I am sorry for that, perhaps I should have tried to make her go away", his mind was still in a blur. "It is ok…can I be alone now"? "Are you sure that is what you want"? "Yes, I dont want to see anyone right now", she walked away and he didn't know if she heard his words "When in doubt, being alone is not the answer", as he spoke the words he realised how hollow they were.

The clarity gained from his long quest was gone, destroyed by a single person, without apparent effort, in mere minutes. He was watching as the girl walked away when the woman approached him from behind, as she was about to pass him, he stepped into her way. "For someone who supposedly is not a Jedi you sure have a keen interest in what happens to her", she said and he replied "I merely said that some don't think of me as a Jedi". "Right", she said and walked past him. As he followed, the Jedi said: "You do not need to go there, I ask you to leave the girl alone". The woman again turned towards him and said, with a cold voice: "Request denied". "So taunting children is considered an honor where you come from"? She sighed, "I was not taunting her". He continued, knowing that his words would have no effect: "You can clearly see that she does not want your company, still you persist". The woman started to sound annoyed by this pestering nobody, trying to stall her: "I am only interested". "A little too interested, I think". The sharpness of her voice became sharper: "What concern is it of yours"? He still had a defiant tone: "It is my concern since I, as you, see that she does not want your interest". "You are beginning to annoy me", she said and when he said that he supposed he did, she smiled, turned and increased her speed to keep him from catching up. She succeeded and when he reached the corner of the temple, neither the woman nor the girl could be seen.



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