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Win or Lose (Page 6)

The confusion was storming inside the girl, "Who said I sought vengeance"? "Oh, come now, I saw your reaction, it's all over you. Someone killed your parents"? The question was more of a statement of fact than a question, "They made you a little slave, did they"? The girl was boiling with confused emotions, anger, hate, but at some level a strange curiosity, she cried out "No! No! You can't possibly know that!" The toughts of the Jedi were sluggish, he managed: "Try to relax, she is trying to influence your thinking". Again the woman ignored him completely, "My dear, you have no idea what I can deduce from you, your aura reads to me like an open book".

Another woman approached, the Jedi recognised her as a young knight he had met a few days earlier. He recalled the memory in his sluggish mind. "What's going on here"? "This woman, she is telling me of my past like she knows me", the confusion in the girls voice was apparent. The man spoke as in a dream: "It would seem as if we are taking part in a battle of the minds". The woman said: "I influence nothing, I merely asked her a question" and the young knight asked what question. The girl replied "She should not know these things about me". The woman said, with a calm but firm voice: "I asked why she is filled with such rage" and the girl continued "…about my family, how they died". The woman smiled on the inside and said: "And now we know. Dangerous is the path you walk young lady". As tears formed in the girls eyes, the knight asked why the woman was taunting the girl. The girl cried "Stop" and walked away. The woman looked after her but responded to the knight: "You misunderstand, I merely asked what a young Jedi apprentice would be doing filled with such emotions". "Why do you care"? The edge in the knight's voice was sharp. The woman's laughter echoed in in the mind of the m,an listening as he hurried after the girl. "Just go", she said as he caught up.



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