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The Jedi slowly responded "Anger lives in everyone, what is important is how we interpret and act upon that and other emotions." The woman replied "Indeed, and tell me young lady, how do you interpret it in you?". The girl hesitated "I think that it is served if in the right place, useful for a purpose" but the Jedi cautioned "I am guessing that she is trying to influence how you should think of your emotions" as the woman continued "Anger is like everything else in the universe" then she stopped and eyed the man, "Influence? Me?" "Just a feeling I get", he said and she continued "A feeling you get? What other feelings do you get?" she paused and said "I know you from somewhere". The girl looked from the woman to the Jedi and back again, confused. He said "You do? I am sorry, but I do not remember you." the woman continued: "Based on your disposition with this girl, I take it you are what, her master?" "Me a master? No, I am not even a Jedi in the eyes of some", after his response the woman apparently dismissed him and turned back to the girl: "So you say hatred can be a tool"? The Jedi replied quickly: "No, that is what you said, was it not"? The girl answered: "I said anger can be a tool for the right purpose", "And what would a right purpose be, exactly?", "I think that it would be a tool for setting the wrong things right". The Jedi looked at the girl, "I see it somewhat differently, yes, anger can be a tool. A tool for understanding. When you manage to analyse your own anger, you will learn from it and reach peace with yourself". The woman ignored the man, "such as, say someone killing your family"? He sensed it too, the shriek within the girl, her eyes narrowed, "Perhaps", she said clinching her teeth slightly. The woman laughed, "My dear girl you are on the wrong planet with thoughts like that". "No, I was guided here, I know that now. The Force brought me here for a reason", but there was doubt in her words. "Is that so?", the woman asked. "You will not find whatever vengeance you seek from these people, in fact they will dampen your resolve".



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