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Win or Lose (Page 4)

Suddenly there were several snap-hiss sounds coming from inside the temple, the master rushed inside. At first, the girl and the Jedi remained outside, but the curiosity grew inside the girl and she followed. Again, the Jedi followed the girl, the feeling of discomfort inside him grew stronger, as if something was building up, and it had nothing to do with the fighting inside the temple. "Careful…" he said after her. Inside the light-sabres gleamed with a high pitched hum, like someone had set fire to a nest of wasps. The girl stopped "It looks like a war", she said and the Jedi replied "It does, this is a not so fun part of the Force…" Just as he spoke the words, a strong voice said "Adepts, leave the temple", subconsciously, the Jedi recognised the man speaking as a high ranking Jedi and he asked the girl to come with him. She argued, she wanted to see. The knight that ordered them out promised to explain it later and as the plea was repeated, she made up her mind and followed the older Jedi out of the temple. "Fine" she muttered.

But the two were not the only ones who left the temple. A woman followed them, looking at them both with interest. "A fine mess those idiots created", she said. Both agreed. The woman watched the young girl closely and after a while she said "Interesting". As both the girl and the Jedi looked questioningly at her, she continued "Well I thought this was a place of Jedi". The girl answered immediately: "It is", but the Jedi merely said: "So did I", clearly misunderstanding what the woman meant. She continued "I sense much confusion and even a hint of hate from you". Through the fog of the worrying feelings in the mind of the Jedi, the fog-horns of warning were sounding loudly. Unlike the Jedi, the girl showed her surprise, her eyes widened and she asked "What is she talking about?"



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