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Win or Lose (Page 3)

Suddenly, the knight said that he had to go, "trouble at the temple", and he rushed towards the turbo-lift. Now, for the first time, he sensed it. Something was not right. He closed his eyes and saw the shimmering colours of the energy field that binds everything together. He reached into the Force. For a moment, the clarity that he had felt since his discoveries on Tatooine, Lehon and all the many outer rim planets he had visited, vanished. The turmoil of the lost man that first arrived at Yavin IV many months ago was back - the difference was that now he saw himself as a pale flicker in the Force itself. And then it was gone. Clarity returned and the Force felt as it should once more. He opened his eyes and hurried after the knight who now had a considerable head-start. Something was still bothering him, but it had to wait.

When he arrived at the temple, it was full of people, people shouting angrily at eachother. Still shaken by what he had sensed, the words blended to an incomprehensible blur. He saw the young girl in the back and moved to her through the waves of erupting emotions that flowed between the arguing people. One voice came through clearly, a female Jedi master spoke firmly "It seems they want to have a meeting, so let's let them". She then turned and walked out of the temple. The young girl followed the master and the Jedi followed the girl. Outside, the master was waiting. As they arrived she said that the two were wise to leave and she and and the young girl introduced themselves to eachother. The Jedi master looked thoughtful for a moment and said "Being new is not always easy" to wich the girl replied that it wasn't and added "I feel welcome here though". "And hopefully safe?" "Yes, that too".



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