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He moved towards another Jedi, he recognized her as the one who was going to read a story in the lecture hall later, "Ah, yes, you are Shyla, are you not? I look forward to the story-time". The subject was going to be ancient gods on distant worlds. Shyla was speaking with a senior Jedi about the possibility to show holograms with her reading and they walked away to set up the holo-projector. Prompted by the discussion, the Jedi reached deep into his back pocked and produced a small, old and battered device. He placed it on the meditation seat in front of him and as he touched it, the air was filled with the green shimmering image of the old meditation ring of the Jedi temple of Yavin IV. He flicked through several images, casually telling the young girl what was on them. After a while he sighed and deactivated the projector. After a moments pause, the girl said "Seems like you have a lot of friends" and the Jedi replied with sadness in his voice "I used to". After a pause, she continued, maybe one wasn't supposed to have many friends - "most people are no good anyway". He looked at her with tired eyes: "I wish that I could argue against that…" The words faded and after a while the girl walked away towards new adventures.

After some time, a Jedi Knight approached the tired Jedi and initiated a casual conversation. The conversation quickly turned to computer and droid programming as the two discussed various methods to implement weapons training protocols in droids. The knight lead the way to a science lab where he was working on a new type of training droid and they started to run some tests of their ideas.



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