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Win or Lose (Page 11)

He went back inside, the girl was waiting on top of the stairs and attacked as he was half way up. He was immediately pushed back, his knee almost giving way. He managed to block another strike, but lost his balance. He stumbled out the door, this time she followed, launching attack after attack. The Jedi was still out of balance as he came close to the edge of the canal. She struck again, and he instinctively took a step back only to find that there was no ground under his feet. The water was boiling around his light-sabre as it fell with him towards the bottom of the canal. Suddenly the pain from his wounds was lifted, instead of the tearing agony from burnt skin and sliced muscles, he felt relaxed, calm.

When he reached the bottom, the Jedi had faded into a dream, a dream from which he would not wake up.


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