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Win or Lose (Page 10)

The shoulder was pulsating with pain and something warm was running down his back from his raised arm. Another wave of pain, this time from his right knee. He tried to channel the pain away and struck, for the first time. There was a small spray of blood from the young girl's chest as his sabre grazed it, but the onslaught was not even slowed. He managed to circle away from her again and suddenly he was hit in the stomach by a ton of bricks. He was thrown back at least 20 metres. Of course there were no bricks, the woman, who had pushed the Jedi away from the girl using the Force said: "That will do, my apprentice" and then turned towards the man "She is yours no more". The Jedi deactivated his sabre but kept it in his hand, panting heavily he said to the woman, keeping his eyes on the girl: "She was never mine". The girl did not obey her new master and charged again. The Jedi sprung to his feet, he circled and circled, his lightsabre still deactivated. Somehow he managed to avoid most of the strikes, but the knee was increasingly painful and his movements slowed. A thought about ancient gods entered his mind as he started to realise that he was going to cross over sooner than he hoped, if the Jedi in the lecture hall, listening to Shylas lecture about ancient gods would hear the sabres, maybe they would come to aid the girl. As quickly as he possibly could, still evading some of the furious strikes he managed to make his way down the stairs and out the doors. He ignited his sabre again and turned. The girl was not following and the Jedi tried to focus his mind, he reached for his com link. For a second, he tried to search his memory for the name of this temple, he did not know, but had heard people talk about the "Massassi temple", a bit odd since all significant structures on Yavin IV are built by the Massassi. His mind snapped back to the com-link, no time: "Sir, need assistance right now, Massassi temple top floor, please. Going back inside, but one more hit and I am gone". He drew as much power from the Force as he could muster and channeled it to sooth the pain from his chest, his shoulder and his knee.



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