Noj Win Or Lose

Win or Lose

It was a day like most others on the fourth moon of the gas giant Yavin, the rainfall of the night gave way to a light mist in the early hours and as the sun rose, a clear blue sky revealed itself over the jungles and temples of Yavin IV. Some of the night creatures lingered in the dawn before making their ways to their lairs for some rest. A small shuttle made it's way down to the surface and a flock of birds were scared into the sky, chattering wildly, as it passed above. When the shuttle landed and the landing ramp was lowered, the man who people knew as the Jedi stepped out, his black robes were dusty and bright yellow, almost white, sand fell to the ground at every step. He had tried to shake most of it out before boarding the shuttle, but the sand of Tatooine gets in everywhere.

The Jedi had a weathered look, a look beyond his forty years of age. As he made his way down the ramp of the temple that had been re-modeled as a small loading dock with a landing pad on the roof, he spotted someone he had not seen in a long time, the Jedi Master who had first welcomed him as he arrived to Yavin IV almost a year eariler. She was talking to a young girl outside the infirmery. As he came closer he saw that the Master was testing the girl, who seemed to have an incredibly strong affinity for telekinesis. The girl was young, a mere child, but still she moved that crate around in the air as if it was a feather, blowing in the wind. As she sat the crate down on the ground, the dusty Jedi casually sat down on the crate and hinted "Go ahead" to the girl. Without hesitation she lifted both him and the crate up, high in the air. After a very bumpy and nauseating ride, she set the crate down and the Jedi said "The Force can be a source of much joy" he smiled and slowly stumbled away.


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