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What is a Jedi? (Page 7)

That was enough time, the young knight made a wide slash with his blue blade across the chest of the lord, but even in his weakened state, the lord managed to take another step back. The slash only graced him. But the extra step backwards made the Sith lord stumble, he fell on his back, dropping his light sabre - he was defeated. The young knight was standing over the fallen lord, boiling with his new strength. He changed the grip on his, still active sabre, holding it like a dagger, blade pointing straight down and in one swift move, the knight kneeled beside the lord, striking his weapon deep into the heart of his fallen foe. There was a short gurgle, but the knight heard nothing.

Apan Loon,
exiled padawan of NOJ

Note: This article was written by the Jedi student known as Apan Loon while he was living in voluntary exile, away from the academy on Yavin IV on July 26th of the year 217 ABY ((2007)). The manuscript was found on a data pad by lady Loross Straaf, Jedi of NOJ, several months after his death.


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