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What is a Jedi? (Page 6)

When the food was gone, to the very last crumb, the boy fell into a restless sleep. The woman took out the bundle of clothes and draped an old robe over the boy as a blanket. She put the rest of the bundle under his head as a pillow, hoping that nobody would steal it from him. She sat silent, watching the boy sleep for an hour before she slowly stood up and returned to her speeder and her farm - tomorrow was another day in the fields.

25/7 217 ABY, Yavin IV

Chaos was everywhere. Shouts, screams, the angry hum of light sabres, the screeching as blades met, blaster fire in the distance and sobbing cries. Wounded and dead scattered over the temple grounds.

Sweat was breaking out on the forehead of a young knight and a tendril of blood was running from his left temple across his eye, giving his view a red tint. He had been battling a Sith lord for over ten minutes, blocking and parrying and he felt his strength slipping away from him. He still felt the calmness of the Force, but the adrenaline was pumping, feeding something else. He knew that the Sith lord was also weakening, this knowledge fuelled an emotion, a pure desire to defeat the enemy. As he let go of the peace, his moves became more aggressive. He was now shifting the balance, the Sith lord was being pushed back. A daring sequence of ferocious attacks ended with the back of his sabre hilt hitting the face mask of the Sith with tremendous force, shattering it and leaving sharp pieces embedded deep inside the pale skin of the Sith lords face. The lord staggered backwards, lost his balance for a fraction of a second.



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