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What is a Jedi? (Page 5)

As the woman approached the gates of Koonda, she was snapped out of her deep thoughts, adjusting the course to avoid the turrets placed to guard against kath hounds, raiders and worse. As she signalled her identification, the gates opened and she drove straight into the town market place. She was early, only a few traders had set up their booths and started to lay out their merchandise. Half an hour later, the market place was teeming with activity. Goods changed hands, some in exchange for other goods, and some for new republic credits. After the long, hot day, the woman had managed to sell almost all of her stock, earning almost enough credits to last the coming week. She packed up the remains on her speeder but did not immediately return to her farm. Instead she took out the bundle of old clothes, put the last of the fresh bread, some vegetables and a bottle of water into a bag and left her speeder in the market place.

Koonda was a poor town, but even in poor towns, there are always those who are poorer than others. The woman made her way into the most worn down part of town, looking sadly at the derelict houses, long left by their original owners and now home to vermin, insects …and the most unfortunate. Empty eyes were watching the woman as she walked on. She stopped in front of a child lying on the remains of a porch. The child looked up at the woman with pale, weak eyes as she sat down next to his tiny, fragile body. She put some water from the bottle on a cloth and cleaned his face. She took the food from the bag and offered it to the child who frantically ate it all. "Slow down" the woman said. "No need to rush, no one will take the food away… this time". The boy didn't hear her, he had learned not to leave anything to chance - when there is food, eat it before someone else does. The woman put a comforting hand on the boys shoulder, but withdrew it as he winced.



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