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Instead of returning to the violence, they felt calm - slowly lowering their blasters. The ship-thief started to back away and the crowd silently opened up to let him pass out of the landing area and slowly walk away. The ship owner looked at his blaster for a few seconds before returning it to its holster. There was a whisper of relief in the crowd. The ship owner looked at the strange man who was still standing before him. He wore simple, but elegant and clean clothing. He was a human, about 45 years old. His hands, now folded on his slightly large belly, still radiating calm. "Who are you?" asked the ship owner. "Oh, just nobody, I work for the port authorities, but I find that leaving the uniform in the locker works better when trying to keep the peace around here". "Please try to keep that thing holstered next time, good day to you sir".

12/5 117 ABY, Dantooine

It was early morning, the day was already warm and the kath hounds were howling in the distance. On a small farm, some distance from the old town of Koonda, a farmer's wife prepared to go into the town. In addition to the meagre harvest the farm had yielded, she packed a set of old clothing on the battered speeder. As she was making the same journey she made every week, every month, every year, she was thinking - the thoughts too had become old and all too familiar. "I miss you husband" she said out loud. It had been late evening, seven years earlier, when the mandalorian raiders had been waiting for him as he returned from the fields. They left nothing but his lethally wounded body for the kath hounds to finish off.



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