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What is a Jedi? (Page 3)

3/1 23 BBY, Tattooine

"You will pay for your theft you hutt-spawn!"
"Who are you calling hutt-spawn you nerf-herder. If you can't look after your ship, you don't deserve to own it!"

The argument had been escalating for some time. It had started with an attempted theft of a small transport ship in the docks of Anchorhead, Tattooine. The ship thief had been caught red-handed and thrown out of the ship onto the hard, dusty sand outside in the dock. The loud yelling was starting to draw a cautious crowd, curiously but carefully people came into the landing area.

"But I did look after it, I caught you didn't I, lizard-head?" There was a glittering reflection of the harsh sun in the barrel of a blaster as the trandoshan drew it from it's holster. A second flash and the two men were both staring down the barrels of blasters. A calm voice in the crowd spoke "Calm down, lower your weapons" A man stepped out of the crowd and walked, quickly without hesitation, and stopped between the two men. Two blasters pointing directly at his head at point blank range, the man extended his arms, keeping the two combatants apart. They were both stunned by the unexpected turn the whole thing had taken. The adrenaline was still pumping; their brains were struggling to understand what was happening. The crowd turned completely silent, as if no one dared to even breathe. The newcomer was clearly unarmed but the intense collected calm he was radiating was more powerful than any weapon could have been. Both aggressors slowly returned to reality as the adrenaline was fading away.



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