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What is a Jedi? (Page 2)

The padawan's concentration was distracted by the snap-hiss of a light-sabre activating behind the Sith master. The green blade, that in the past indicated a Jedi consular, was lifted in an attack pose. The Sith master turned around slowly while his apprentice instantly activated his crimson light-sabre. In a heart-beat, the tension in the room tripled in strength. The Sith master spoke: "So, you peaceful Jedi draw weapons behind peoples back?" It was clear that he was completely satisfied with the waves of anger pulsating from the young padawan who had activated his weapon. "Please, everyone, deactivate your weapons", the voice of the older padawan was calm and collected. The Sith master instructed his apprentice to obey and he immediately did. The young padawan glared at the older, weapon still lifted, but when the calm rippled through his wall of anger, he deactivated it. Then it happened. A squad of four storm troopers arrived, weapons drawn. The second they came in they assumed hostile postures, training their blaster rifles on the two men dressed in black. The older padawan, as well as the two Sith sensed their anger. "Lower your weapons, please". The cold, metallic voice from behind the troopers helmet hissed "No - I don't take orders from you, padawan" the tension in the room was almost overwhelming. The Sith master was glowing with delight, feeding off the anger. The padawan weakened, his strength left him and he fell to his knees, desperately channelling all available strength in an attempt to spread a feeling of calm into the room around him. But the anger was too strong. His vision became blurred and as the first blaster fire was reflected back from the light-sabre of the Sith master, he collapsed on the floor, all senses fading away…



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