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What is a Jedi?

When a Force sensitive is interviewed for training in the Jedi academy, a common question is "What is a Jedi?" The question is there for two reasons. One is to give the interviewer a chance to catch misconceptions about the Jedi — there are a lot of those in the galaxy. But the second reason is more important. The question is posed in order to make the applicant think about what he or she really thinks a Jedi is. Of course, there is no simple answer to the question. This article does not presume to answer the question either; instead it is intended to make the readers think about it. The article relates four short stories, episodes in people's lives. If any of the people in the story are Jedi? You decide.

20/7 217 ABY, Yavin IV

There was a shout from the lecture hall and a padawan rushed over there. Entering he saw a group of people. Two men dressed in black robes and cloaks were arguing with a young man, possibly a newly arrived padawan. The older padawan knew what it was he saw — he had seen it before. The two men were Sith, a master and an apprentice. They had come to Yavin in search of minds to taint, to turn to the dark side. Behind the two Sith were two more padawans, boiling with emotions at the Siths' taunts. It was not necessary to draw on the Force to sense the anger in the room, but doing so revealed another emotion to the older padawan — satisfaction. The Sith master was clearly enjoying sensing the anger in the young Jedi students.


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