Noj A Lost Padawan

The Story of a Lost Padawan

By Caronte Blanco

In the days when Master Yoda hid himself away from the Jedi purge of Palpatine, all the people, creatures, and things were confused. A lonely padawan was walking in the streets of an ancient town - alone ever since the Jedi purge began, unable to reach his master. Without the guidance of his mentor, trusting only the Force to lead the way, he journeys in search of a better future. Suddenly he stopped, feeling again, the confirmation through the Force "The Force will show me the right way until my master returns". As the man stopped, he surveyed his surroundings, a narrow path following the shore of a lake. The surface was calm as a sheet of ice but through the reflection of himself there was something else - a structure under the surface, an ancient temple.

The padawan dives into the lake after taking out his breather. As he swims deeper he sees four stained-glass windows, the windows had inscriptions: The first window said "SEARCH: The truth, the love, the peace, the understanding and the cordiality.", the second window said "CULTIVATE: The goodness, the friendship, the wisdom, the serve, the good manners, and the character.", the third window said "APPRECIATE: The honesty, the justice, the courage, the honour, and the joy." and the last window said "DEFEND: The family of the heart, the near people that deserve this, the weak and the defenceless."

The padawan returned to the surface, and from this moment on, he was absolutely certain that he had found the Jedi Path again. He knew that now, here on the shore of the lake he was again close to his master, close to the Force.

Sometimes to find the right answers we only need look inside of us.

May the Force be with you.

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