Crystal Synth

Synthetic crystal

SynthCrystals.jpgA Synthetic lightsaber crystal, or Synth-crystal is a synthetic reconstruction of a crystal, commonly with a red shading rather than those geometric models naturally created, although they can be made in any color. Due to the common red coloration, they are often nicknamed 'bloodshine blades'. Synthetic crystals are used because they created a more powerful blade and were more easily augmented.

Though red crystals are ordinarily unsuitable for use in lightsabers, the Sith discovered that they can create synth-crystals which they energize, magnetize, and modify with the power of the dark side of the Force in special furnaces, causing the crystal to glow in harmonic vibration. Although unstable, these "Sith" crystals produce a red blade which strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. This blade is in fact stronger than the beams that regular crystals produce and has the rare potential to "break the blade" of standard lightsabers by overloading the energy matrix and instantly burning out the other lightsaber. Though this happens extremely rarely, it is a known and frightening possibility in combat. Additionally, Sith blades are also less maneuverable than their Jedi counterparts.

Synthesized crystals are frequently used by dark-siders, most of all the Sith. The Sith Lord; Darth Sidious produced unique synthetic crystals for all his apprentices, using his considerable powers and abilities to create extremely powerful blades that were practically alive with the dark side. However, one of his apprentices, Darth Vader, used a synthetic crystal colored light crimson, instead of the red shading used by his predecessors. Sith synth-crystals are usually made by the Sith master, rather than his apprentice, although Darth Maul was one notable exception.


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