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They eventually reached the temple and found the crystal; however, Vader had beaten them there. Confronting Skywalker and Organa, Vader engaged in a duel with both of them, eventually defeating Organa and driving Skywalker to the ground before losing his right arm to Skywalker's lightsaber and eventually losing the battle despite the power given to him by the crystal. Halla handed Skywalker the Kaiburr crystal, and, along with his inherent Force sensitivity, Luke used its legendary focusing powers to heal both himself and Organa, as the two were left critically injured after their duels. However, unbeknownst to any members of the party, the crystal lost its power as it left the proximity of the temple and was completely powerless once off-planet. The shard, which began the adventure on Mimban, would stay in Vader's possession until he gifted it to his apprentice, the Dark Lady Lumiya. Luke Skywalker later found use for the crystal off-planet, as a teaching tool when he started his Jedi Praxeum and as a lightsaber focusing crystal.

The Kaiburr crystal is a deep-crimson-colored crystal which glow with a faint inner light. Another variant is completely transparent, with no red coloration. When in the presence of a Force-sensitive or in the Temple of Pomojema, the crystal shine brighter. The crystal feels much like it looked: a cool, glowing piece of glass. However, when held by a Force-sensitive, as was the case of Halla and Luke Skywalker, this feeling is enhanced by a sensation much like touching a live electrical current; this is due not to any inherent chemical properties of the crystal itself, but instead its connection to the Force.



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