Crystal Corusca

Corusca gem

Corusca gems are extremely rare and valuable crystals. They are produced by a combination of the extreme pressures present in the atmosphere of Yavin Prime, pressures great enough to crush elements together, and the scraping of the liquefied air of the planet against its metallic core. The sizes of Corusca gems increase with proximity to the core of Yavin. They can be found only in very select locations in the galaxy, and their vibrancy result in them becoming the namesake of the galactic capital: Coruscant. The Corusca Gem Casino is also named after these gems.

Corusca gems are mostly valued for their beauty. The way that light reflect inside a Corusca gem makes it seem as if it has a furnace within it. As a result there are many Corusca gem fishermen, such as Bash Fateau, who make a living out of collecting the gems.

Corusca gems are some of the hardest objects known to the galaxy, and has industrial as well as decorative applications. Large Corusca gems are mounted on drills and used for precision drilling when explosives can not be used.

Despite their well known strength, Corusca gems have shatterpoints, minuscule points where multiple edges and facets come together, forming an extremely weak spot. If delivered at exactly the right point, and exactly the right way, the slightest tap can cause the entire gem to crumble. This is comparable to the Force power Shatterpoint, which allow users to see how situations and happenings are linked together in intricate and delicate forms.


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