Crystal Adegan

Adegan crystal

Adegan.jpgAdegan crystals are commonly used by Jedi as a main component of a lightsaber. Also known as "Ilum crystals", these rare Force-reactive stones are primarily found in the Adega system, and on the planet Ilum. A fair amount of these crystals can also be found on the planet Halm and in parts of the Cularin system asteroid belt.

The vast majority of lightsaber crystals from Ilum are green or blue in color, but all of them have the special properties that make them ideal for a Jedi's weapon. When induced by resonant frequencies, the crystals emit powerful bursts of light, and further components of a lightsaber harness this power into a rod-like beam.

Adegan crystals have a special connection to the Force, and it is through their use that Jedi create a bond between themselves, the Force, and their weapon. The Adegan crystals in a lightsaber give off a weak force signature that could be sensed by any Jedi.

After the execution of Order 66, the Galactic Empire banned possession of all crystals capable of use in a lightsaber.

  • Kathracite is the most common form of Adegan crystal, followed by relacite and danite. These crystals doesn't focus energy as well as their rarer cousins, and thus are usually reserved for use in training sabers.
  • Mephite is a typical Adegan crystal used by the Jedi.
  • Pontite is the rarest and most powerful type of Adegan crystal. Nearly impossible to find, it resonates with a powerful aura that cool both skin and tempers.

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