Ancient Ruusan Discovery4

Re-discovery of Ancient Ruusan (Page 4)

The river was too wide to jump, so she swam across, the cold water gripping her body. It was dark now, as dark as Ruusan ever gets, that is. But as she climbed out of the water and up the river bank she saw an entrance. A metal door partially overgrown with vegetation. Excitement grew and she started to clear the vegetation in front of the door. Careful not to cut the door, she moved her light sabre and removed all the roots and under brush that was slowly claiming the building as it's own. The metal door was rusty, but seemed intact. While Nuala looked for a panel hiding the manual release controls, she saw the standard door control. "I could just as well try it" she thought, not expecting there to be any power in the door mechanisms. She pushed the button and surprised, she heard a grumbling noise from inside the wall. The doors shuddered and slowly squeaked open with a brain-splitting sound. A rush of stale air blew out between the opening doors, and to Nuala's astonishment, the corridor lights inside flickered to life.

To be continued.


Ancient Ruusan
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