Ancient Ruusan Discovery3

Re-discovery of Ancient Ruusan (Page 3)

An elongated, conical head with eyes on perpendicular stalks protruding from the sides of the head. It spoke. The words made no sense and the vision snapped out of her mind as suddenly as it had come. Nuala withdrew her hand and sat down on the grass. Breathing rapidly. She had had intense memory flashes before, but this was different. The power had been almost overwhelming. She had heard about kiffar being hurt or even killed by their own senses. Sometimes, usually if an object had been used for dark acts, the taint could carry on to the kiffar sensing the object. Still somewhat dazed, Nuala continued to move through the vegetation. Carved rocks became common, sometimes they looked like building blocks and sometimes they had been sculpted into various shapes. Time had reduced the shapes to mere blobs and identification of the original sculpture was impossible. Impossible without reading the history, of course. But Nuala hesitated and chose not to risk it, not yet.

The jungle opened up and Nuala was suddenly looking at a stone wall, 20 metres tall, rough stones. The stones looked ancient and the wall was severely eroded by weather and time. Keeping her distance, she followed the old ruin wall to a corner and as she turned around it she knew that she had found it. In front of her, across a river, she saw ventilation towers protruding from the ground. A settlement. From this distance, they didn't look that worn. Not so old - could they still be functioning? Was someone still living here? Nuala reached out with her mind, trying to sense life. But the teeming life-forms of the jungle made it difficult to single out individuals or even species. She left the ruins behind her for now and approached the ventilation towers.



Ancient Ruusan
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