Ancient Ruusan Discovery2

Re-discovery of Ancient Ruusan (Page 2)

She closed the landing ramp, looked up towards the sky. Hoth's Brand had just passed zenith and Petja was well on the way of setting below the horizon. The two suns of Ruusan maintained a gloomy light even during night time. Nuala entered the jungle at a seemingly random point and let the flow of the wind, the ripples of the Force, guide her steps. The jungle grew tighter, making it difficult to walk normally and Nuala had to cut her way through, using her light sabre, at times. But she felt that this was it. She was close to the thing she was searching for - whatever it was. Suddenly, the jungle opened up to make way for a small river. The sensors on the ship had indicated several small rivers hidden under the canopy of vegetation. The water was cool and felt fresh. She splashed her face and drank. She followed the river and realised that the jungle was opening up more and more. Now Hoth's Brand had marched over the sky, the hike had taken several hours even though, to Nuala, it felt like only minutes. The light faded and diffuse shadows was playing all around her. But through the trees and under brush, something was waiting. She felt it more and more, brushing against a tree sometimes triggered a flash of memory from her kiffar senses. People strolling around, robed people. Were they Jedi? Where did they come from? Nuala pressed on.

The first physical sign was a rock. A carved rock lay on the ground, partially overgrown. Nuala knelt down and let her hand follow the cold, coarse surface. It hit her, almost as if the rock itself had sprung from the ground and hit her face. The image was distorted but intense, there were shouts. Something rushed past her eyes, followed by something else. A figure approached, directly towards her. Nuala blinked, but the blurred figure came closer.



Ancient Ruusan
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