Ancient Ruusan Discovery

Re-discovery of Ancient Ruusan

It was early afternoon, the mapping mission had been progressing for a long time and the solitude was taking its toll. Four months ago, Nuala had decided to map out an area on the south hemisphere of Ruusan. She had a feeling that there was something there, just waiting to be re-discovered. She had packed light, only bringing emergency rations, thinking she could live off the land during the search. The borrowed shuttle had, with a few quirks, performed well so far, but all she had found was jungle, jungle and more jungle.

This morning had been much of the same, but something was different. A slight disturbance in the Force. Nuala could not sense it clearly, but the nagging feeling that there is something that wants to be discovered was suddenly stronger. The shuttle's sensor scans showed nothing interesting, as usual. Up ahead was a clearing and Nuala decided to land and ask the land instead of the ship sensor array. The landing gear sank deep into the grass in the clearing and the humid air had a fragrance of a strong, living jungle. She hunched down on the tall grass in front of the shuttle boarding ramp and reached out, with her hand as well as her mind. The grass was coarse and stiff, the wind found itself trapped in the clearing, twirling the grass like a girl playing with her hair. Increasing in strength, the wind started speaking, a mild whine, the rattling of the grass and beyond. It sounded like voices mumbling in the distance. Nuala closed her eyes and let the wind lead her mind. The creaking trees at the edge of the jungle, moaning in the wind, whispering.


Ancient Ruusan
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