Nojlib Editing

Editing a page for the NOJ library is like editing any wikidot page as defined here, but there are a few restrictions that must be taken into account for proper display in SL.

Page name

The name of any page to appear in the NOJ library must be prefixed with nojlib:. This will invoke the template that adjusts the rendering of the page to fit the SL viewer.

Page size

SL uses a 1024 by 1024 pixel image for rendering the web page. Anything outside this area will be cropped. The template illustrates the size of the page with a black square. When editing, make sure that no content falls outside this square.


SL web content is not interactive. The library interface makes it possible to follow links by parsing the resulting HTML code of each page displayed. For the parser to know where on the screen the links are located, the links must be specially formatted in the wikidot page.

Link class

A link must use a custom span element of the class "link". This not only informs the parser that there is a link, it also applies the visual cue that identifies it as a link on the library interface display.

Absolute positioning

The parser does not render the page and thus, it can not automatically know where a link is on the page and how big it is. Therefore all links must be positioned and sized using pixel measurements. For this, the style tag of the span element must be used to assign values to the left, top, width and height attributes. The values for these must use pixel units (px).

Additional formatting

You can specify additional style attributes as long as you do it after the positioning attributes of the style tag.


[[span class="link" style="left:445px;top:480px;width:150px;height:40px"]][[[nojlib:mainmenu|Main Menu]]][[/span]]


There are several pre-defined pages that you can use to simplify the editing of ordinary pages. To use these, add an include element to the page. The include element must always indicate the name of the page to include and sometimes it also requires additional paramaters.


This page takes no additional parameters and inserts two links in the bottom right corner of the page, the links point to the main menu and the root entry page of the library.

[[include nojlib:nav-main-back]]


This page adds the same two links as nojlib:nav-main-back. But in addition it takes two parameters to define an additional link placed above the two standard links. The parameters are link1 holding the name of the page the link leads to and label1, holding the text to display in the link box.

[[include nojlib:nav-main-back-1 link1=nojlib:astrography|label1=Astrography]]


This page adds the same links as nojlib:nav-main-back-1. But instead of just link1 and label1 it also requires the parameters link2 and label2, defining a fourth link placed above the three others.

[[include nojlib:nav-main-back-2 link1=nojlib:jedi|label1=Back to Jedi|link2=nojlib:noj|label2=Back to NOJ]]


This page adds a link with the label "Next". It requires one parameter, link, holding the target page of the link.

[[include nojlib:nav-next link=nojlib:species3]]


This page adds a link with the label "Previous". It requires one parameter, link, holding the target page of the link.

[[include nojlib:nav-prev link=nojlib:species2]]


This page will add three columns of links filling most of the page with 51 separate links. The links and their labels are specified with the parameters link1-link51 and label1-label51 respectively. This links will be positioned in the order shown below:

link1 link2 link3
link4 link5 link6
link49 link50 link51

All link and label parameters must be present in the include element. If you need a table with fewer links, you have to create it manually.

Example page

The source of a standard page looks something like this:

+ Anomid
[[image Anomid.jpg style="float:right" height="700px"]]
Anomid are humanoid, with grey hair and silver-blue eyes, and are native to the Yablari system. They communicate largely using their own sign language. The Anomid are reportedly one of the more social species in the galaxy.

 [[include nojlib:nav-main-back-1 link1=nojlib:species|label1=Back to index]]
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