Expectations on SWRP

People come to SWRP in SL with very different sets of expectations. In order to make the roleplaying experience better we need to understand these expectations.

What do people expect?

This section lists expectations that people have. Some are hypothetical and some are personal expectations. Since not all types of players will ever be represented by active membership of this wiki, the players that are must hypothesize on the expectations of others.

Continuity and development

I expect a more or less continous sequence of events that develops my character and the people around him. This means a real-time adventure that started the day I joined SL and has been going on without a break ever since. When I sleep in RL, my character sleeps in SL. If I go away on a trip in RL, my character probably does too, or at least has an IC explanation for why he isn't around. /Apan Loon


I expect the events that occur to be as "real" as possible, and reality is defined by both the canon Star Wars sources and the expanded universe novels and games. In part, reality is further defined by the events within SWRP, however invention of completely new concepts must be agreed upon by many before they can be accepted as part of reality. /Apan Loon

Personal development

I do not only expect my character to evolve, I expect myself to develop. Exercising my imagination, debating the deep secrets of the universe and the human mind feeds my real life. /Apan Loon


I expect the other players to be as committed as I am. This is of course the most difficult part and I understand that there will always be those who are less committed and that there may be some that are more committed. I also realise that, in time, I might become as put back by constant abuse of SWRP that I too fall back to explicit rules and absolute enforcment of those rules - I hope that I never will, though. /Apan Loon


I expect everyone to react the way I want to whatever I do. /Unknown


I expect everyone to wish a sabre fight at any time and any place - after all, light sabres are what makes Star Wars Star Wars. /Unknown


I expect nothing. SWRP is just something I occasionally do to kill off time. /Unknown

Types of players

It might be useful to categorise players with different sets of expectations into groups. If a clearly defined group can be identified, the needs of that group can be considered on a whole instead of a massive amount of individual needs.

  • Swashbuckler
  • Philosopher
  • What else?

What shall be done about it?

One school of thought might say "Adapt the roleplaying environment to make it satisfy all expectations" another might say "Re-shape the players with unmatching expectations - either by education or by exclusion". Which method is right? As always, there must be a mix of the two.

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