The Engineer

The Engineer is a person/alien who is simply attracted to technology.
He has the knowledge, patience, and tools to construct, and learn how to construct from basic structures such as blasters or datapads, to gigantic constructions and buildings, such as the powerful AT-AT and the mighty Deathstar.

RP'ing as an Engineer

As an Engineer you must know how to craft simple objects in second life, you don't have to script them, but it is better to know scripting, or at least use pre-made ones. You can't use a freebie or bought object that you haven't mde yourself, and claim that your character made it, the least you can do is copy the script to an object you will make.
You must also create a background story, about how your character actually learned engineering, for example:

My father, who was a grand engineer in blastech corps taught me to build a rifle.
I was working in a store with Jawas, and the taught me how to construct droids/speeders/etc.

It's recommended that your background will be a real part of your RP, in other words, you can say you found out how to make a jetpack thanks to hard study at engineering school, if there is really an engineering school, it's better than just saying that.
try to be as realistic as possible.

Don't pretend you can create anything, if you can't.
If you have the right script for a follower, than let's say you can build a droid.
If you can build a nice armor, than you can forge (star wars) armors.

Species that probably can't be Engineers are the Ewoks/Gammoreans, They aren't intellegent and advanced enough, they can maybe construct catapults and kites, yet, not advanced enough to reach a simple electronic device level.

in order to shorten this paragraph, let's give you examples of what Engineers DOESN'T do.

  • Engineers doesn't use griefing tools, that means that if you create a weapon, make sure the sim's admin allow you to use it on the sim.
  • Engineers doesn't buy a droid/speeder/blaster/whatever at a vendor, than saying they built it, as mentioned before.
  • Engineers won't say they can build something if they can't, for example, if you build something that looks like and alarm, but doesn't really work, it's not OK. However in some cases, let's say a quest item that isn't meant to operate, or an item that is not for long use, you can say it is working for a RP. For example: This is a thermal detonator out of use Or This is a radiation scanner (You can RP like you really use it, saying in chat: '/me detects 10696.43 percents of radiations') You can't however, hold a scriptless prim and say it's a lightsaber.

Engineer Types

An engineer can create different kinds of machinery and tools, such as:

  • Armors
  • Weapons
  • Droids
  • Vehichles
  • Computer systems (Alarms, Bells, Scanners, etc.)

The good thing about it, is that an engineer can pick multiple kinds of things he specializes in, the problem is that even the best engineer in the galaxy can't master EVERYTHING, even if you do OOCly, you must not let your character be a perfect engineer, unless it is a droid, or genetically/robotically enhanced in some way.

Class Combination

An Engineer can chose different profession at once, most of the time, a multiple class Engineer would have his Engineer class as the sub Class (Engineer is not like a Sith or a Jedi, Engineer is compared to a Medic or an Explorer, which aren't such complicated).

A few things an Engineer can be:

  • Jedi Engineer- Jedi Artificer, an Engineer using the force in order to create complex stuff.
  • Sith Engineer- There is no exact given name, but Dark Engineers is the common name for them.
  • Bounty Engineer- It's very common for a bounty hunter to create his own gear.
  • Soldier Engineer- Many soldiers can be Engineers, as you may see in the star wars video game: Star Wars Battlefront.
  • Merchant Engineer- Engineer which is selling his devices, that's normal is it?
  • Thief Engineer- Engineer using high tech cloaking suit to steal, or a Thief stealing parts in order to create devices to sell.
  • Mercenary Engineer- Similar to Bounty hunter and Soldier.

A few things an Engineer probably won't be:

  • Medic Engineer- It's like having a two desserts and saying it's a meal. you probably won't take two subclasses.
  • Politician Engineer- It is rare to think of somone in this position to have hobbies like engineering.
  • Gangster Engineer- A Gangster mostly have low intelligence, yet, high charisma, so it doesn't seem normal for a Gangster to be smart enough to create even a doorbell.
  • Entertainer Engineer- It is possible, but mostly I don't think Engineers would play tunes or dance in clubs as Engineers are shy most of the time. I could be wrong, too.
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