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This site is yet another attempt to structure the topic of Star Wars roleplaying (SWRP) within Second Life. This wiki is dedicated to identifying the topics that are important for improving the quality of SWRP. The material in this wiki is not primarily intended for the beginners of role playing — instead it is directed at people who are concerned and willing to educate the beginners. The information gathered here can freely be used in any way - as material for lectures, written documents, billboards or whatever you can think of.

Having said this, it is important to stress that this is a wiki and that the information stored on it is useless unless a number of people shape it. That means you! Go to "How to join this site?" and create an account, then head for the existing pages and make additions or changes - or create new pages. Again, this is a wiki, every change is logged, there is almost no risk of you destroying anything permanently by mistake.

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Added page discussion forums, every page now has a forum for discussing its content. If something doesn't feel right in a page and you don't want to change the page right away, feel free to post a comment in the page forum using the "discuss" button.
Site created.
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